Touch Screen and Facebook

focus on touch, tablets and apps. focus on Facebook

How does your application, website, online service or store perform on a touch-screen? You'd better care since keyboard and mouse is almost history ...

2010: we shifted focus towards touch based devices, tablets and smartphones. Also realized: if your online presence is not connected to Facebook, for some, you don't exist.

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Web Design

we create stunning websites using the latest technologies

Yatko Webdesign is a full-service design- and online marketing company that creates latest-technology websites and offers all-inclusive enterprise branding solutions.

Backed up by Yatko's IT and hosting companies and strategical partners, we deliver turnkey solutions on both desktop- and mobile platforms.

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Joomla & WordPress

the world's best open source content management platforms

You are safe no matter what the future brings. Our websites are built on Joomla! and WordPress, two of the best-known and best-supported open source CMS platforms.

You own and have full control over your website. Switch web-designer any time, without loosing control, the only way we can stop is by providing an excellent service.

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Video Software

2010′s highest customer-rated random video chat, than SVC

In 2010 we created the RVC video chat, a software that received the highest customer ratings while generating thousands of downloads and custom built versions. Now a popular open source project, hosted on Google Code.

In 2011, our new SVC video calling Facebook app received 75k Likes and 100 million hits in less than three months.

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our services

web design

We started back in the 90's and we are still here. Half our days are spent learning the latest trends,...

domain and hosting

There are tons of features to list when it comes to hosting but there are only two, you should be concerned...

branding /rebranding

Are you a startup or need a new brand? Start Googling and reading marketing articles, or just give us...

logo, cards & stuff

We'll show you a bunch, you pick the right one. You don't like it, we start over. This is how it works. Hundreds...

everything else

Yes. Probably we did it before, probably several times. Just ask us about anything related to marketing,...



Java, PHP, Flex, ...

Most of our software is made for web, using the most popular technologies, programming languages and platforms as Java, PHP, C and Flex (Flash, Flash Builder). The most well-known are the open source video chat (RVC) and the social video chat engine.

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Programming for The Social Networks.

A popular website may reach millions of people. A popular facebook application may reach millions and they friends (130 in average) and will create a buzz any time anyone is "talking" about it. We create facebook pages and applications. What's your idea?

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SEO, +1, and tools

How to get to the first page.

"When your link reaches the first positions in Google for a popular keyword, everything is about to change. Emails, calls and incoming links all around. People start to talk about you, to recognize and love you. It stays like this unless you cannot face this kind of popularity." We did it, several times. What is your service about?

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All-in-one traffic analysis

statistX is a simple to install hit counter for websites that also offers detailed traffic analysis, including visitor trends, os and browser capabilities, traffic sources, location and search keywords.

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Google Rank

Pagerank checker and buttons

Online tool to check your pages Google Rank offering different tools like multi-server checking, multiple page checking and visual pagerank buttons for websites. 

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videosoftware forum

Our forum for Flex (Flash Builder) and video-software developers with over 1000 active members and hundreds of posts about the latest RTMFP and RTMP technologies.

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Creation of custom facebook pages.

A facebook page is a HTML/HTML5 web page, that is loaded inside facebook. The advantages are considerable.

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Plugin creation for WordPress.

Integrating your custom software into a WordPress page is not very complicated, you can embed the script or even use an iframe. However, if you would like others to use your solution, a custom plugin is the right way.

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Custom modules for Joomla 1.7

Same as with WordPress, just download and install. A Joomla module is the perfect way to spread your new application between millions of Joomla users and developers.

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the Yatko Guarantee

facts and numbers

things we achieved in 10 years

350+ websites, 3000+ domains, 1000+ happy customers, millions of visitors and users, Google top positions and a lot more ...

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